A pregnancy is like a journey to an unknown place. It can be tough sometimes and you never know what to expect. But if the right person takes you by the hand and guides you, you will reach your destination.

Let us take you by the hand and show you that childbirth is nothing to be afraid of - if you know what to expect!

You focus on that perfect moment, when you hold your baby in your arms. 

We show you how to get there - safely, naturally and science-based.

A unique Course about Childbirth!

  • Nature & Science combined

    The only Childbirth Course which teaches evidence-based birthing AND natural (but science-based) treatments and tools for labor preparation and labor itself.

  • Alternative Medicine Tools included

    The only Childbirth Course which teaches you how to apply Alternative Medicine Tools for Labor Preparation & Pain Relief during Labor!

  • 3 Courses combined in one Course

    The only Childbirth Course which consists of 3 Courses:
    - Mental & Physical Preparation for Labor
    - Labor & Birth, demystified
    - Labor Toolbox for a natural Delivery

  • Bonus Course: Hypnobirthing

    We even added a Hypnobirthing Course as part of your mental preparation for labor, including breathing in hypnobirthing, affirmations, visualizations and more.

  • Plan your Delivery!

    Ever wondered what you are supposed to do regarding pain management once those contractions start? Now you do, thanks to our Labor Action Plan!

  • Exercises included

    The only Childbirth Course which includes exercises to help you prepare your body for labor!

  • In-depth Video Content

    7+ Hours of Videos teaching you everything there is to know about labor and birth, including tools, treatments, techniques for you and your birth partner!

  • Take the Shortcut!

    Don't feel like watching all of our videos? Simply follow our Standard Action Plan, in which we tell you exactly which videos to focus on and which tools to apply!

What other Women say

Best childbirth class out there!

by Denise B., Second-Time Mom


I was one of several other women who had the chance to test this course before it was made available to the general public. Being a second-time mom, I have gone through several other childbirth classes already. And I can only say, this course is by far the best class I have ever attended because it really teaches everything a woman could possibly wish for. And most importantly, the things that they teach here really DO make a difference when you are in labour! I can wholeheartedly recommend this course!

Highly recommended!

Shania S., First-Time Mom


This course proves that childbirth classes don't need to be boring! Even my hubby joined me when I watched their videos! They contain lots of visuals, are entertaining, and just fun to watch. Most importantly though, the content is super helpful! And their tools do work - I did not require an epidural and my baby girl was born in no time!

This course was a big help!

Vanessa M., First-Time Mum


I watched all course videos within a day! The videos are really entertaining which is why you don't fall asleep like in those antenatal workshops. Besides, this bundle contains everything you need to know about childbirth. I particularly liked that they also teach alternative medicine tools and I applied several of them during labour: auriculotherapy, quasi-acupuncture and reflexology. They were a big help and I had zero medical interventions during labour. I wholeheartedly recommend this course!

Great support!

Haley T., First-Time Mom


After one of their youtube videos helped me turn my baby, it was clear to me that I had to buy this course! Let me first say that I am beyond impressed about the level of support that you receive from the whole Careaboutlittleones team! I was looking for information on a topic which was not covered in their course. They sent me a detailed explanation (including a video!!) within 24 hours!! The course itself is fun to watch. Everything is really well explained and I found it very easy to apply the tools. I even tried quasi acupuncture and felt confident that I am able to find the correct location of each point. My delivery was just how I wanted it to be! Everything went really well and the pain was bearable! Thank you guys!!

Not just one of those courses...

Natasha N., First-time Mom


I saw them on youtube and when I found out that they offer a childbirth class I was sold. The work they put into their course is incredible, as is their support! They really do care about you. They give you the feeling that they are here for you 24/7. I also really liked their course! We learned a lot about how my husband can support me during labor. And the things they teach really do help! After 5 hours, my labor slowed down. But we were able to continue without any interventions solely by applying the tools that they teach in their course! If you consider buying this course, do it! It's an investment which pays off a hundred times!

Meet your Instructors!

Nathalie Kaufmann is a Pregnancy & Birth Consultant for natural labor preparation and birthing. At her clinic in London, she has helped hundreds of pregnant women prepare for labor and to get through labor in the most natural way possible. 

Nathalie also holds a degree in TCM and Herbal Medicine. She worked in hospitals and clinics across London (UK) and was Head of the Maternity Acupuncture Clinic at the Whittington Hospital in London. She is also a member of Lamaze, the biggest international network of Childbirth Educators.

Mathias Ritter is a Researcher and Science Geek. He holds two Master of Science Degrees and has supported Nathalie during the past 7+ years in finding the best alternative treatments based on scientific research. He is also the one who keeps their knowledge up-to-date with the most recent evidence-based information. 

Together, they run the famous Youtube channel "Care About Little Ones" on which they share lots of useful tips and tricks on pregnancy-related topics.

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