About The Baby Cough Massage Course

This 13 steps Shonishin baby cough massage course aims to relieve cough in your newborn, baby or toddler. It addresses different kinds of cough, including dry cough and phlegm cough, and it helps to strengthen the baby’s immune system.

Nothing can be as disturbing as the sound of a coughing newborn, baby or toddler. As a parent you are immediately alarmed and worry about the wellbeing of your baby.

Even worse seems the fact that helping a baby with cough is not always so straightforward.

First of all, there is a difference between dry cough, wet cough, barking cough and a chesty cough. But even if you knew the difference, how are you supposed to know which cough remedies are best for your baby, particularly given your baby’s age?

And if that wasn’t enough, some baby and toddler cough remedies, and particularly baby cough medicines, contain high amounts of sugar and other unhealthy stuff.

That is why I have created this baby cough course. It contains steps which address various kinds of baby and toddler cough.

Moreover, it deals with the underlying issue why your baby has developed a cough in the first place: a weak immune system.

Accordingly, this baby cough massage course is for you, if you are looking for home remedies for toddler, baby and infant cough.

Moreover, it is a natural alternative to baby cough medicines, which contain lots of sugar and often come with side effects.


If your child suffers from a cold in addition to the cough, please refer to my baby cold massage course! The baby cold course contains steps which address baby cough too!

Moreover, this baby cough course is not suitable for teething cough! In such cases, please refer to my teething course!

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  • Suitable Age

    Newborns, babies and toddlers (age range: 0-36 months).

  • Contraindications

    As usual for massage treatments, please do not apply this Shonishin treatment if your baby suffers from increased temperature / fever OR skin problems (f.e. eczema)!

  • Time per Treatment

    This treatment takes between 4:15 and 9:45 minutes, depending on your level of experience.

  • Time Investment

    It takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to learn the treatment.

  • Tools Required

    Shonishin Tool (Enshin) OR Silver Teaspoon and Blunt Pen

Nathalie Kaufmann

Mother and Co-Founder of Care About Little Ones with almost 20 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shonishin, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition. 

Former Head of Maternity Acupuncture Clinic at Whittington Hospital in London.

About Shonishin

Shonishin is a form of Japanese pediatric acupuncture, however, without using needles. It has more the character of a massage treatment for babies and children, which consists of stroking, tapping and classic massage techniques. 

Shonishin was developed in the 17th century and predominantly applied by health practitioners in Japan. Today, it is considered to be the most effective alternative treatment for children-related issues, according to leading experts in the field.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Message

    1. Course Structure & Navigation

    2. The Theory Behind This Course

    3. When To Apply And When Not To Apply This Treatment

    4. Which Tools You Need And How To Use Them

    5. How To Prepare The Room And The Baby

    6. How To Deal With Babies Who Do Not Lie Still

    7. Understanding The Signs And Symbols

    8. Download The "Signs and Symbols Guide"

    9. Download The Stroking And Tapping Table

    1. Step 1 - Stroking Technique Part 1: Arms

    2. Step 2 - Stroking Technique Part 2: Chest

    3. Step 3 - Tapping Technique Part 1: Shoulders

    4. Step 4 - Stroking Technique Part 3: Breastbone

    5. Step 5 - Stroking Technique Part 4: Abdomen

    6. Step 6 - Stroking Technique Part 5: Legs Front

    7. Step 7 - Tapping Technique Part 2: Hands

    8. Step 8 - Tapping Technique Part 3: Arms

    9. Step 9 - Stroking Technique Part 6: Back

    10. Step 10 - Tapping Technique Part 4: Back

    11. Step 11 - Stroking Technique Part 7: Legs Back

    12. Step 12 - Massaging Technique Part 1: Foot OR Wrist

    13. Step 13 - Massaging Technique Part 2: Wrist OR Foot

    1. Why Your Point Location Does Not Need To Be 100% Accurate

    2. How To Combine Several Shonishin Treatments

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