About The Immune System Support Course

This 12 steps Shonishin immune system support baby massage course aims to support the immune system of your newborn, baby or toddler.

Shonishin is a form of pediatric acupuncture, however, without using needles. It has more the character of a baby massage treatment which focuses on the stimulation of acupressure points. This is accomplished by applying a combination of three techniques: stroking, tapping and classic massage techniques. 

The immune system of a young child is particularly fragile as it is only just developing. This is even more of a problem, if you have stopped breastfeeding, because the baby won’t receive all the valuable nutrients from human milk anymore.

Because of that young children are particularly prone to catching colds and getting sick.

That is why I have created this immune system support massage course for babies and toddlers. It aims to strengthen the baby’s immune system and to activate the baby’s immune response.

Keep in mind that your baby’s immune system is only just developing. Because of that, this treatment can only help to get the most out of your baby’s immune system. However, it does not mean that your child will never ever get sick again.

The goal is to help your baby’s body to deal with health-related threats more easily. In other words, we want your child to be able to fight off such threats more efficiently.

Accordingly, this immune system support baby massage course is for you, if you are looking for natural ways to strengthen your baby’s immune system.

Moreover, this course is for all the mummies and daddies out there who are looking for ways to actively do something for their child during these difficult times.

When To Apply This Treatment

Apply this treatment whenever you feel that your baby could benefit from a stronger immune system!

  • Suitable Age

    Newborns, babies and toddlers (age range: 0-36 months).

  • Contraindications

    As usual for massage treatments, please do not apply this Shonishin treatment if your baby suffers from increased temperature / fever OR skin problems (f.e. eczema)!

  • Time per Treatment

    This treatment takes between 5:00 and 9:45 minutes, depending on your level of experience.

  • Time Investment

    It takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to learn the treatment.

  • Tools Required

    Shonishin Tool (Enshin) OR Silver Teaspoon and Blunt Pen

Nathalie Kaufmann

Mother and Co-Founder of Care About Little Ones with almost 20 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shonishin, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition. 

Former Head of Maternity Acupuncture Clinic at Whittington Hospital in London.

About Shonishin

Shonishin is a form of Japanese pediatric acupuncture, however, without using needles. It has more the character of a massage treatment for babies and children, which consists of stroking, tapping and classic massage techniques. 

Shonishin was developed in the 17th century and predominantly applied by health practitioners in Japan. Today, it is considered to be the most effective alternative treatment for children-related issues, according to leading experts in the field.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To The Course

    • Welcome Message

  • 2

    Course Preparation

    • Course Structure & Navigation

    • The Theory Behind This Course

    • When To Apply And When Not To Apply This Treatment

    • Which Tools You Need And How To Use Them

    • How To Prepare The Room And The Baby

    • How To Deal With Babies Who Do Not Lie Still

    • Understanding The Signs And Symbols

    • Download The "Signs and Symbols Guide"

    • Download The Stroking And Tapping Table

  • 3

    Course Lessons

    • Step 1 - Stroking Technique Part 1: Arms

    • Step 2 - Stroking Technique Part 2: Chest

    • Step 3 - Tapping Technique Part 1: Shoulders

    • Step 4 - Stroking Technique Part 3: Abdomen

    • Step 5 - Stroking Technique Part 4: Legs Front

    • Step 6 - Stroking Technique Part 5: Forehead

    • Step 7 - Tapping Technique Part 2: Nose

    • Step 8 - Stroking Technique Part 6: Back

    • Step 9 - Tapping Technique Part 3: Back

    • Step 10 - Stroking Technique Part 7: Legs Back

    • Step 11 - Massaging Technique Part 1: Foot

    • Step 12 - Massaging Technique Part 2: Wrist

  • 4

    Post-Course Information

    • Why Your Point Location Does Not Need To Be 100% Accurate

    • How To Combine Several Shonishin Treatments

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