About The Preventive Care Baby Massage Course

This 6 steps Shonishin preventive care baby massage course aims to help the body of your newborn, baby or toddler to avert causes of typical baby-related issues. It is the most basic of all Shonishin treatments, because it focuses on the baby’s energy.

The term “energy” refers to the energy which the human body extracts from food. Obviously, the human body requires that energy to maintain a proper functioning of its organs.

In very simple terms, for this supply of energy to work properly, the human body needs two things: a flawless digestion to extract the energy from the food. And a well-functioning distribution of that energy to the organs.

In babies, this can be a challenge, because both, her digestive system and the energy’s “distribution channels” are still developing. Because of that, energy can get stuck along the way. The best example is constipation, in which case the energy got stuck somewhere along the digestive process.

The preventive care baby massage course addresses those issues. It aims to maintain a smooth energy supply in order to avert causes of typical baby-related issues.

Accordingly, this preventive care baby massage treatment is for you, if you are looking for a baby massage treatment which can be applied as a precautionary measure.

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  • Suitable Age

    Newborns, babies and toddlers (age range: 0-36 months).

  • Contraindications

    As usual for massage treatments, please do not apply this Shonishin treatment if your baby suffers from increased temperature / fever OR skin problems (f.e. eczema)!

  • Time per Treatment

    This treatment takes between 3:00 and 8:00 minutes, depending on your level of experience.

  • Time Investment

    It takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour to learn the treatment.

  • Required Tools

    Shonishin Tool (Enshin) OR Silver Teaspoon and Blunt Pen

Nathalie Kaufmann

Mother and Co-Founder of Care About Little Ones with almost 20 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shonishin, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition. 

Former Head of Maternity Acupuncture Clinic at Whittington Hospital in London.

About Shonishin

Shonishin is a form of Japanese pediatric acupuncture, however, without using needles. It has more the character of a massage treatment for babies and children, which consists of stroking, tapping and classic massage techniques. 

Shonishin was developed in the 17th century and predominantly applied by health practitioners in Japan. Today, it is considered to be the most effective alternative treatment for children-related issues, according to leading experts in the field.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Message

    1. Course Structure & Navigation

    2. The Theory Behind This Course

    3. When To Apply And When Not To Apply This Treatment

    4. Which Tools You Need And How To Use Them

    5. How To Prepare The Room And The Baby

    6. How To Deal With Babies Who Do Not Lie Still

    7. Understanding The Signs And Symbols

    8. Download The "Signs and Symbols Guide"

    9. Download The Stroking And Tapping Table

    1. Step 1 - Stroking Technique Part 1: Arms

    2. Step 2 - Stroking Technique Part 2: Abdomen

    3. Step 3 - Stroking Technique Part 3: Legs Front

    4. Step 4 - Stroking Technique Part 4: Back

    5. Step 5 - Tapping Technique Part 1: Back

    6. Step 6 - Stroking Technique Part 5: Legs Back

    1. Why Your Point Location Does Not Need To Be 100% Accurate

    2. How To Combine Several Shonishin Treatments

About this course

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This Course Cannot be Bought! It is exclusively Available To Our Healthy Lions Club Members!